The Missing Pixels, are Christina & Maher, an Indie-folk-electro duo from Beirut, Lebanon. They are releasing their first EP “nowhere to go” on FEB 19, 2021. 

“Nowhere to go’’ is composed of four pieces, representing in a real and raw manner all the intense emotions that one’s goes through at least once in his life. The songs represent our losses, our fears, our uncertainties, our struggles of not knowing how to move on and the constant hope of returning to what we once had. They are putting out there those silenced conflicts that live inside us; when your mind wants to move on, but your heart is stuck; when your only desire is to escape but you’re trapped in an ideal, and the time suspended. 

In the way “Nowhere to go” was created, the focus was on translating the truest emotions that emerged from the basic chords and Christina’s vocal melodies. To bring to life those feelings, it was very important for The Missing Pixels to produce and arrange the instrumental part in a way that tells the same story. The acoustic instruments introduce the organic essence of one’s emotions, one’s reality. The electronic touch translates the dreamy and surreal world that embarks you in an emotional tornado. Christina’s voice and melodies mixed with the music create this perfect synergy between opposite feelings, being sad and relieved, destructed but yet hopeful. They cannot exist one without the other, and that’s what makes The Missing Pixels sound unique, and memorable. 

“Nowhere to go” was initially written in 2015, by Christina and Dana (former member & songwriter known as Earlybird), and it was produced and arranged by Maher. In 2016, Christina and Maher began working on the songs in Maher’s home studio, in Beirut. And this is where they started to merge each other’s background and influences. 

As a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, Maher took care of the recording, mixing, and production of the EP. All the songs were recorded and produced mainly at his home studio. Christina, brought to life the vocal melodies, added her sensitive and creative direction to the songs, and her experience as a creative director made her handle the visual identity, and social media strategy of The Missing Pixels. In the end of 2019, due to tensions and economic crisis in Lebanon, Maher had to move to France and the project was put on hold. With covid-19 arising in April 2020, Christina & Maher decided to continue working and finalizing their EP “Nowhere to go” despite the distance, they succeeded in creating their virtual sessions, and kept their creativity going. 

“Nowhere To go’’ is a proudly self-made EP, “it’s a passion coming to life, it’s real, it’s raw, it’s simply us”. 

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